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Our Expertise

Organizational Strategy

We Offer

  • Strategic management of companies
  • Diagnosis, design, and execution of the human capital strategy
  • Diagnosis, design, and execution of labor relations strategy
  • Management of organizational change processes (mergers, acquisitions, business integrations, among others)
  • Key talent management and executive succession plans
  • Support for the Board of Directors in designing and managing auxiliary committees, such as human talent, nominations, and compensations committees
  • Legal and organizational consulting in labor relations and talent management

We believe in human talent and labor relations management as primary drivers of generating credibility among leaders, employee satisfaction, market trust, and a distinguished corporate reputation.

We seek to make strategic thinking an experience for organizational growth and learning.

Through a rigorous evaluation of human talent and labor relations strategies, we identify successes and opportunities for growth that allow the continuous improvement of different aspects, such as corporate vision, objectives, and action plans that are necessary to consolidate the desired labor relations and organizational culture, in a dynamic environment for its successful development.

Training and Development of Leaders

We Offer

  • Individual support for leaders. Coaching and mentoring
  • Review and update of labor outlook
  • Contextualization of better practices in labor relations and human talent management

Our main motivation focuses on developing the skills and abilities of different actors participating in labor relations to lead relationships that promote sustainable growth of organizations that positively impact their stakeholders.

This line of service includes strengthening and developing concepts, skills, criteria, and practical tools so that leaders can confidently and securely manage labor relations, exercising proper and effective authority. Through this, we seek to consolidate a healthy work environment, thus, deserving the commitment of employees to achieve the objectives set internally in the company in a sustainable manner.

Through this training and individual support for executives in companies, we seek to elevate and raise the quality of management in companies and organizations, developing skills required for an environment in constant change and employees with higher expectations. In this way, we seek to make their permanence in workplaces a much more memorable professional and personal experience. These skills are leadership, effective communication, negotiation, productivity, teamwork, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, organizational culture, and conflict resolution
Se fortalece el desarrollo de conceptos, habilidades, criterios y herramientas prácticas para que los líderes puedan dirigir con confianza, seguridad y de manera justa y efectiva las relaciones laborales. 
Entre esas habilidades se encuentran: el liderazgo, comunicación, negociación, productividad, trabajo en equipo, inteligencia emocional, pensamiento estratégico, cultura organizacional y resolución de conflicto.

Constructive Management of Conflict and Disputes

We Offer

  • Consultoría en Gestión Constructiva de los conflictos.
  • Preparación de equipos. negociadores.
  • Estrategia Integral para la Negociación Colectiva de Trabajo.
  • Plan de Comunicación para la negociación.
  • Diálogo Social con trabajadores y sindicatos.
  • Participación en Tribunales de Arbitramento, cuando la negociación directa entre las partes no logra un acuerdo entre ellas.

The ability to constructively overcome the natural differences that can arise in any social relationship, coexisting in a civilized way with them so that conflicts do not destroy the organizational culture, is one principal characteristic that distinguishes developed societies from underdeveloped ones.

To consolidate leaders' abilities for effective management of people and work teams, Talento & Talante develop methodologies and skills to positively manage possible internal conflicts in organizations and companies, evolving confrontational scenarios into others of cooperation and collaboration.

Talento & Talante offers a support service for companies and their employees to strengthen their relationships in the long term through successful social dialogue programs as mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution.
Esta línea de servicio también incluye la asesoría y estrategia integral (antes, durante y después) para los procesos de Negociación Colectiva de Trabajo, para lograr la justicia en las relaciones laborales en un ambiente de coordinación económica y equilibrio social.